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Lululemon Athletica is an athletic apparel retailer domiciled in Delaware and headquartered in Vancouver. Founded in 1998 as a retailer of yoga pants and other yoga wear, Lululemon has since expanded to sell its products internationally in 460 stores as well as online. The company has expanded to sell a variety of athletic wear, including performance shirts, shorts, and pants, as well as lifestyle apparel and yoga accessories.

Stephanie M. was let down by the high price and low comfort of the product. She tells shoppers, "I ordered a pair of overpriced leggings from lululemon. I found them very uncomfortable and sent them back with tags and in perfect condition. They recieved my item a month ago and still no refund. I contacted them now 4 times, each time they dismiss me. Terrible company."

Furthermore, the company's founder Chip Wilson has the makings of an active wear villain. He prefers "using child labor in Third World countries because it provides them with much-needed wages" despite the well-known harsh conditions of sweatshop labor around the world.


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Former Employee - Key Leader says

"To be honest, this company is breaking every single discrimination law in the book. They expect you to show up early and work late without being compensated. They berate you and belittle you under the guise of "feedback," which is basically an umbrella term to deguise harrassment. The Landmark Forum was mandatory. My manager at the time wouldn't even promote me because I told her that I wouldn't take the forum. I told her that it made me feel uncomfortable, and she told me that I wasn't "committed" to the job. She also told me that having private thoughts that I didn't voice outloud were considered to be "gossip" and against company policy. I tried taking my concerns to the next up in command, but I was rebuffed completely. She told me that I shouldn't be talking to her about it, and to deal with my problems on my own. I don't know what the CEO is doing, but he doesn't seem interested in improving company morale or reducing turnover, because it is extremely high. The people that last in the company are the people who surrender completely, mind, body and soul. They give up their free will and dedicate their entire lives, around the clock, to doing whatever they are told and don't ask for anything in return. This company will destroy you if you're not careful."

Former Employee - Key Leader says

"Retail, limited income, odd culture. Bad management."

Former Employee - I Don’t Want to Mention says

"No work life balance, too much overtime, no overtime compensation"

Former Employee - Educator/Key Leader says

"The culture is toxic positivity, if you are feeling stressed, anxious or even depressed due to being a working mom, covid and health situation there is no support. I am constantly corrected not on my work performance but that I should do more yoga or run more and I would be happier this from people without small children and a manager who has no outside responsibilities. As a single parent, it has been so difficult to work with this odd culture that is not supportive of any beliefs except their own. The management boxes you in and does not give a chain of command to make complaints about poor working conditions and workplace bullying."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"vile anti-white discrimination, the exact opposite of their pathetic "inclusive" garbage. They're specifically anti-white and their entire message is the exact opposite of inclusive. anti-white scum. Typical lies about their culture and values, when they have none."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper Management (RM and above) people & culture They tell you that your a business owner and if you can speak to “why” you would be fine if it doesn’t succeed however, this will result in an FFI or a “log” in the future and they will use your “mistake” against you. Cult mind set (if you didn’t agree with something they believed in they would guilt you into believing what you think is wrong and how dare you.)"

Former Employee - Warehouse Associate says

"Not equal opportunity employer like they advertise. No respect to employees in their Distribution Centre. Beware. Strong bullying and discrimination. It's like an Amazon FC but smaller but same way it's run. Doesn't treat their employees with care. Had multiple Covid-19 positive workers but didn't close right away and when they did, only for 24 hours. An entire Distribution Centre with multiple Covid-19 positives. Didn't care about hundreds of workers who have families who were at risk and exposed. All for the production. All for sales. And did not voluntarily close the DC, they had to be ordered to close because they refuse to."

Former Employee - GEC Educator says

"- Heavy favoritism, you'll get passed up on tons of positions within the GEC. Got passed up for a Floor lead position (basically managing the floor) I applied for (1 year at the job at the time). They gave the position to a new person 2 weeks into the job because this person became friends with the trainers. How do you manage 100 or so GEC educators when you just started the job 2 weeks ago? It's like asking someone to fly a plane 1 day into training. You're going to crash and burn. Prime example of how things are done at the GEC. - Extremely high turnover. Get used to that elevator ding because that's the sound of new people going in and out of this job. They should have had their office on the ground floor so they can add a revolving door instead of that elevator. Hard to get used to your team when people are coming in and out."

Former Employee - Warehouse Manager says

"High turnover due to management, HR not organized and cheap wages. Employees backstabbing other employees."

Senior Software Engineer says

"- Managers are not invested in their employees future at the company - Technical staff works far beyond typical working hours with no recognition - No path to leadership - No desire to build innovative architecture - Little to no ownership over products being developed - Technical managers are stretched so much so that they are no longer able to do their jobs effectively"

Picker/Packer/Shipper (Former Employee) says

"they said they were going to start a third shift I left the current job that I had to come work for them then they said no we're not going to start a third shift.. the people that they did keep were the worst ones there they never showed up for work and they kept him gainfully employed and let the three good people go that's favoritism he drank the juice, he didn't even have a car to get back and forth to work this is why he was late or just didn't show up at all.If you're 9 years old and need a cheerleader it's a good place to workIf you're 9 years old need a cheerleader don't work there"

Leader (Former Employee) says

"Everyday work is easy, Bosses don't like to be called bosses but they are no different than any other corporate in the world. If you know someone up higher (i.e. friend or family) you have good chances to be appreciated or helped in your career. This can't be done since most of the times before you even start working, there are already groups (family or friends). Its hard to give feedback to those people since they know the boss and giving feedback would mean harder time for yourself in future. But its a great company if you are between jobs or just make some dollars while studying because hard work isn't expected and you can spend your time here by just being a person who would make boss happy. The only active thing at the work is active wear.Easy work, discounted active wear. yoga and workout sessionslow salary, Boss, feedback doesn't matter. difficult to communication"

Educator (Former Employee) says

"Low paying, only way to make money is if your store is making commission or hitting their bonus. Work life culture is not what they preach. Very political and a ton of favoritism. Find another retail company to put your time into"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not the best job/ company to work for. Mean girls, hypocrisy from leadership. You may feel pressure to volunteer work when hours are not available. It's a well paid job for a part time gig but not if you are single and adulting. If you have a significant other to share bills during times you don’t get hours then it may work for you. Not a place for men to work. No diversity here guys. Women rule here."

Educator (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work with a bunch of babies then this is the company for you. Lots of favoritism and going behind your back. Hard working individuals are not recognized only the lazy ones are.Good discountImmature employees"

Warehouse Worker (Current Employee) says

"This company does not pay good at all. Very badly run. They do not care about there employees. Horrible place to work. You will work like a slave for very little money.NoneEverything!"

Full Time Educator (Former Employee) says

"When you have a passion about a job and really care about your co-workers and what you do on a day to day basis...its a harsh reality to find out, they dont feel the same. While I was an employee at lululemon they have their own language, that I will admit I started speaking as well. They use Yoga terms for their Rules Book, which in all honest is quiet disturbing since yoga is so genuine and they are not. Upper management has favorites, they do not give you the time of day if they dont like you and they hire based off looks. My manager, during the Seasonal hiring for holiday, hired a college boy specifically to stand at the front door and say hi to the guests because he "looked cute, even though he was not very attractive" If I could give this company an over all rating with the stairs above, they should give an option not to fill out a star because thats how awful they are. My old manager continues to have babies to live off the 6 month maternity leave. Not only does she take the 6 months, but she has told a part time educator that she plans on saving all her sick days and vacation days since her due date is in Oct for her to get out in August. But, if you are a part time or full time educator, or even if youre an ASM. IT DOES NOT MATTER. When you call the integrity hot line it goes straight to PEOPLE POTENTIAL basically HR which is a joke because the HR person is best friends with my ex store manager so nothing is ACTUALLY reported. Oh, and to top it off! when I told People Potential what ACTUALLY was going on in the store, and she has heard from 2nothinglazy, favoritism, lying, abusing time, taking advantage of hard workers, faking their knowledge, teaming up against 1 person, i could go on forever."

educator (Former Employee) says

"a fine place to work. not career material in my book. requires a lot of kool-aid consumption and is very unorganized and not very transparent with their employees."

Value Added Services Associate (Former Employee) says

"There are cliques everywhere, management doesn't care about anyone beneath them, and management is manipulative. They motivate with aggression rather than praise."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone, there is no discipline in the workplace. This is the only place I have felt this way in the past 10 years of my career."

Key Leader (Former Employee) says

"This is the place for you if all you want to do is work at lululemon for the rest of your life while not being able to afford rent and working only 25 hours a week because that is "full time"workout benifits, fun community eventslow pay, 25 hours is "full time", poor communication, over worked for pay"

Educator (Former Employee) says

"I started work here with a positive mindset, attracted by the work/life balance ratio and workout benefits. However, over my time there, I realized management was catty and miserable. My direct superiors were awesome, I would work for them any day of the week, and work hard for them. However, SM and ASM were miserable, unprofessional people. They would tell you one thing, then the next day say the opposite. It was confusing. I busted my butt working there and they didn't see it. I think all the talking about your feelings as directed by company manifesto could be good, but in general it's a load of * and management doesn't practice what they preach. Overall horrible experience working there. Stay away unless it's a short term contract position. Waste of timeWorkout benefitsCattiness, Poor Management"

Educator (Former Employee) says

"I hated working for this company. it was the worst experience I have ever had. I was treated poorly and bullied. I tell everyone to stay away."

Key Leader (Former Employee) says

"Lululemon (at the time that I worked for them) was a very oddly-run company. A large part of the company's philosophy is based on the writings of Ayn Rand and was a bit cultish. The positive? The really wanted to make sure that you were living your life outside of balanceculture"

Educator (Former Employee) says

"Bien que bien payé pour un travail de vendeur de vêtements, vous vous ferez reprendre sur tous points si votre personnalité ne concorde pas avec les préférences du gérant et de ses amis. Ils vous rabaissent, vous reprennent sur tout ce que vous faites et vous font douter de vous-même. L’ambiance se compare à celle d’une secte. Très toxique, l’équipe de Québec se cache sous des sourires et des beaux air et vous détruisentSalaire avantageuxÉquipe, Ambiance de travail"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"The company is nice but the people in the warehouse treat you like you're nothing and make you work like a slave. They also have mold in the Dc that the associates had to clean off.Gym, YogaStrict, Short breaks, Mold, Horrible Leads/managers"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"As a manger I was faced with several heavy employee situations (some ever turned legal) and did not receive support from Human Resources or my Regional Manager. I was told to handle the situation and not to talk about it with my co-workers. The said "problem" employees were allowed to continue and work in the store while they were being investigated creating a toxic environment with the rest of the team and managers. I documented several instances with these employees and submitted them to HR and nothing changed. In both instances it was clear as day that these employees were creating a lot of issues and had committed acts that were out of integrity according to our Pramana handbook but still nothing was done. It is not a company that practices what they preaches. I saw several people move up through the company that had friends in high positions. I also saw people come into higher positions after one interview when others were expected to interview 2-3 times for positions. The company definitely plays favorites and looks out for it's own. I feel a of relief being away from that world. Looking back I can see that I was not supported to handle situations with my employees and had to standby while employees mistreated me because I was a manager and I had been coached not to take things personally. In my current workplace people aren't allowed to say or do the things my coworkers did, they would be instantly disciplined. I did not get recognized for my hard work or time. The HR team is a joke and to this day I have no idea how my regional manager got her position as there wereeducators are treated wellmanagers are treated poorly and too much is expected from them."

overweight non-yoga fan (Former Employee) says

"Advancement only possible if you suck up to the right people and if you have "the look". An incredibly incestuous environment with a thin veneer of positivity and world better-ment. The length that these athletic looking peacocks go to to make the public believe that cutural appropriation is ok, is depressing. On the plus side some of the people are actually quite nice and their products are good quality."

Inventory Control Specialist (Former Employee) says

"lululemon could be a fun place to work but with management playing favorites and a weird culture in the warehouse. It makes it hard to work drama free."

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Not as cool to work for the company than what you perceive. Good fitness perks, discount on clothing, can be fun culture depending on which team you joinGood fitness perks, discount on clothing, can be fun culture depending on which team you joinLong hours, Segregated culture, good employees do not get rewarded while incompetent or poor leaders get promoted"

CC says

"I ordered a bra + leggings set, the sizing was completely off in both of them. I'm a size 6 (XS) and I couldn't even fit an arm in that bra! Compared to other retailers in the UK, Lululemon's return procedures are a pain: 1. You have to print the label yourself (I had to buy £20 worth of ink and paper for a printer I no longer use!) 2. There's no return via Royal Mail/Post Office, forcing you to rely on UPS 3. UPS no longer collects for free but charges £2.40 to collect a parcel from you. I don't think Lululemon could make returns any more difficult during this pandemic. It's safe to say I will never buy again from them! PS: Sweaty Betty provides a return sticker in addition to letting the Post Office print the label for you, AND Royal Mail now even collects parcels from your home at 60p per parcel."

Shona Wilson says

"Worst customer service. Bought a yoga mat which after a couple uses has huge gashes all over it. It’s like the material just balls up and dissolves. They will nor let me return it."

Apryl Young says

"Worst experience of my life! Ordered a pair of leggings which have never arrived and tried multiple times to get a hold of customer service. Crazy long hold times only to be disconnected multiple times. Live online chat no better with long wait times and kicked out of that as well. Also kicked off the text chat. When I finally reach someone after 4 hours of holding/waiting they say they have to open an investigation that takes 4 days and they promise I'll have resolution after the 4 days. It's been over 4 days and no contact from lululemon/customer service. I'm typing this as I've been on hold again for another 35 minutes so far. All I want is my money back since I never received the item. What a joke this process has been. They should refund my money and still send the leggings for all the hassle I've been caused. They can take your money and just may not arrive and you may have a hard time getting a refund/cancellation. Beyond frustrating."

Judith Hippner says

"I have a closet full of Lululemon pants. About twelve pair. I am 78 years old. I spend a lot of money on your clothing, both for myself and my grand daughter. I do not sweat nor do I do yoga. I walk four miles a day. I wear your pants because they are so comfortable and make my back feel good. Last week I bought Align 28 in an offwhite/light gray color at your Scottsdale, AZ store in The Quadrant. . This is the second wearing of these pants. Yikes...They are ALL pilled and snagged at the top of the thigh. I did nothing to these pants except walk in them. Come on Lululemon! I assume you factory test the fabrics you use, so you must know there are pilling problems with this batch/or color. I was going to buy another pair today, but not now. I look forward to your reply."

Karen Goodall says

"Item dispatch took way longer than the ‘1-3 day’ dispatch quoted on website. Half my address was missing on dispatch, my ups delivery been delayed AT LEAST 5 days (and what a nightmare getting hold of them!). The these guys finally reply days later stating they’ve instructed ups to change my address - no doubt now adding on more days to the delay in delivery. And yet somehow amazon manages to maintain one day delivery throughout covid/Xmas. This is my first purchase from lululemon and it will be my last."

Melissa Stice Larson says

"I ordered some pants and shirt for my son who is going back to college after xmas break (so would like to have sooner than later). Ordered on 12/28/2020... haven't seen it arrive so I checked status and it implied that the items were delivered on 1/4/2021. So, I checked the website and got a Fedex tracking number. There was NO info for the tracking number. So, on 1/5/2021 ... went to website and got on chat bot waiting for over an hour and then had to take a call. Of course, someone answered the chat during my 10 min call. Murphy's law. Went on chat bot again today - over an hour wait. And, Lulu says, yes, your order was lost in transit... we'll reprocess order in 3-5 days and I'd get another email when it finally processes. So, I said "really" and then another 10 days for it to arrive? They said, we can just refund your money. And, I said that I'd like to have the product that I ordered, I just didn't think that it would take over 20+ days to receive it. And, that's NOT the level of service that I expect from the Lulu. So, just not a great experience overall. BTW- I bought stock in Lulu back in 2007 when they went public. Come on - don't devalue my stock w/ bad customer service practices."

D Par says

"I have to say this was my first time purchasing the hyped up “lululemon” leggings. I don’t buy into fads very quickly. So, I was reluctant to buy their overpriced “final sale” leggings at $79 + tax. I finally gave in and what a mistake. My honest review... They’re lousy! Ridiculously overpriced, extremely cheap material, and inaccurate sizing! If I went to Walmart I would have obtained a better quality leggings for under $20. Take my advice don’t buy....."

Marithé SB says

"I bought a 300 dollars purple puffer coat online and as soon as I started wearing it the purple layer started to come off with the minimal friction, and it left a black-gray material visible, like the purple was some sort of paint that would come off easily. I was devastated, I have never felt robed like this by a store, I complained about the quality, I sent pictures, I asked for my money back, but they only gave a me a “60 dollars giftcard”. Shame on you lululemon! I put the coat in the trash can after 1 month of purchasing it!"

Carrie says

"The company charges an exorbitant amount for really poor quality products. I tried to leave an honest review about some leggings that I bought — they were completely see through and therefore unwearable. I was respectful but honest in my review. They wouldn’t post it because it didn’t meet their guidelines, which makes me think they are hiding bad reviews so that people purchase their products. Unacceptable and unethical business practice as well as poorly made products makes for a bad company."

Sean Mullen says

"I'm not sure if this is company policy or just the Lexington Kentucky store but I purchased an item recently on sale. Not a clearance sale just a regular sale. And then needed to return it and was informed that I can either return it or exchange it. I find this unacceptable. It was not posted anywhere in the store and when I spoke with the clerk she said that the information was on my receipt. So I had to purchase an item to find out that I can't return it? If this isn't changed I will never step foot in a Lululemon store again."

Morgan King Perkerson says

"I don't even want to give Lululemon one star. I placed an order on Christmas day for 2 items via Apple Pay and forgot to change my address (I've recently moved). I tried calling customer service to get the address updated but their customer service was closed and not opening back until December 26th at 8am EST. I did receive a message that nothing could be changed within 60 minutes of the order being placed but I tried not to think too much into that since there was no way for me to cancel the order or change the address and customer service was not available. I called back the morning of the 26th only to be told that there was nothing that they could do and that I'd need to call FedEx once the order had shipped. Half of my order shipped, so I called FedEx only to be told that it would be a $17 charge for the change of shipping address. I'm not about to pay $34 extra for a change of address that is less than an hour from my old home. I cannot go to the old home, as it has since been sold and I'm unaware of who lives there. So it looks like I'm out $70 because Lululemon wouldn't change my address or cancel my order when I called them as soon as they re-opened. How is this good customer service? The shipment hasn't even left their warehouse. They can absolutely make this change and make a customer happy, but they're too stuck up their own legging covered asses to make the change. I will NEVER buy from these guys again and will be sure that my friends and family know how absolutely terrible their customer service is."

Rachel SMITH says

"I received a gift from my mom for Christmas which was a lululemon jacket which had bought on sale and was a bit too small for me. We’re in a lockdown in London so all stores are closed so I had to call in and see how I could exchange it to get the sale price still. A very rude young lady told me there’s nothing I can do except return it by Mail since I can’t get to a store. I said I’d like to speak to a supervisor as it seems like they should be a bit lenient considering the current situation. After putting me on hold for 5 minutes she came back on saying a supervisor is unavailable and when I asked when will they be available she said they won’t be contacting you about this. I said so you’d rather lose the sale than exchange it at the same price how does that make any business sense? She said that’s all I can do. So I said ok then you’ve lost my business and she laughed. So this is the worst customer service experience I’ve had in a very long time and I will never be shopping there again."

Claire McIntosh says

"Customer service is atrocious . I ordered them returned the items as they were unsuitable. I contacted them by email as after 23 days I still had not received a return acknowledgment. The response was I had been refunded which I knew I hadn’t as with any viable retailer you get a notification from PayPal immediately. No notification and lies that it has been processed. I Contacted PayPal who advised there was no refund processed or pending as this would show. Cheap products, extremely poor customer service and using pathetic excuses blaming bank timings for lack of refund. When I indicated I had not been refunded I was told it would be another two weeks?"

Julianna Hegarty says

"I have never actively sought out a space to write a review of dissatisfaction until now. I have never received such horrible customer service until today. As a long-standing customer who loves the products despite them being ridiculously over-priced, today was the last straw and I will sadly never shop with them again. They do not allow returns with tags on and receipt. Merchandise credit only. Also no returns on merchandise purchased with tags or receipt if they were marked down. Do NOT buy these products as gifts. Do not buy unless you have tried them on and ensure they fit and you 100% will keep them. Also-there are many other brands out there now with equal quality and half the price. Sorry LuLu. You’re done here."

J P says

"As a longtime Lululemon devotee of nearly 15 years, it’s sad how much their customer service has declined this past year, even for a Sweat Collective member like myself. It started with my Sweat Collective account being removed from the Holiday mailing list with no explanation or attempts to contact me and even refusing to tell me why I was removed in the first place. Then I received a $200 gift certificate this Christmas that I am unable to use via their online portal, as there seems to be either a glitch with my account or the payment portal service they are using. I’ve spoken to 5 different Lululemon employees, using their online chat service, texting and Instagram, with no resolution, and even several outright refusals to cancel and refund the gift certificate to the purchaser, as I cannot use it. I’m currently in a location with no brick and mortar stores and the online portal option isn’t working, and Lululemon is refusing to issue a refund. Now we have to jump through more hoops and contact the issuing bank to get a refund, a chargeback for non-delivery of products/services not rendered. I guess it’s time to join Lolë’s community instead."

Wendy Gidman says

"One of the over priced items I ordered for my husband for Christmas arrived with a security tag still attached. No end of grief to get it returned and the website was malfunctioning when I tried to do it. As ever not a user friendly customer focused experience - the so called chat line “educator” promised a £30 voucher for all the hassle. She didn’t send that - instead she sent an email link promising a free UPS pick up label in 7-10 days. Yes the email arrives in 7-10 days ... Oh and then we had to sit in ALL day for the UPS driver. Do not order from lululemon"

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